About Ted's Tacos and Cantina Restaurant in Oklahoma City



From our tacos to our personality.

We keep things real. And fresh. No bad ingredients. No bad attitudes. Just really good food and really good times (and tequila).

So come park it on one of our patios and let’s get a marg in that hand. Or a taco. Or both. 

Brought to you by the same people who brought you Ted's Cafe Escondido.

But with a new menu. A new atmosphere. And a new attitude. Sure we share some similar values. Like the whole making-great-food-from-great-ingredients thing.

But we’re a little more offbeat. Brazen on occasion. We like our tacos served in twos, and our happy hours at night. Patio times that get a little loud. And a cold beer with a shot of tequila. Actually, make it two.

Ready to make things official? Come see us tonight or order your tacos to-go online.

Fajita Tacos and Blue Lagoon Cocktail